Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vacation Treasury Theme Winner - Petrina Blakely

Here's our treasury theme contest winner for the vacation theme!  Petrina Blakely from Kauai Hand Painted Clothes
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We asked Petrina to share her thoughts on treasuries.  Here it is...

I am a 30 year resident of Kaua'i - immigrated across the moat from California. I come from a family of hobby artists - my grandmother painted scenic art in Tahiti where she lived and my father dabbled in water colors. I have been creating wearable art for 20 years inspired both by my love of whimsical, tropical art and clothes.

Treasury inspiration comes to me in different ways - once was my husband asking me how to spell plumeria, others have come from looking at different treasuries and thinking of word play such as the one I did on pitchers. I am working on one right now from cleaning up my yard yesterday that will revolve around palms... Inspiration comes from life, much of it from living in paradise!

I have come to look at treasury making as my guilty pleasure. I love to shop, vicariously or otherwise and can find so many wonderful items on Etsy alone. I also delight in putting together colors and objects. I aim to find and create levity wherever I can to lighten up my daily life and figure if it puts a smile on my face it will hopefully do the same for someone else.

Creating treasuries has helped me discover stores that I would never have looked for otherwise. In doing so I've made some wonderful virtual friends and connections. It is so awesome to have Etsy available as a 24/7 craft fair store with items from around the world. I think it is an amazing resource. It has become a favorite place for me to shop as well as to market my clothing - I still have a lot to learn and do not consider my shop to be a success yet but I truly believe in Etsy as a fantastic mode of marketing.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Team Newsletter #6

Team Newsletter #6

We’re organizing a summer treasury giveaway!  Here’s the thread to sign up:

We’re also thinking of trading mini moos/business cards to create a “treasury pack” of advertising to mail out w/orders.  Here’s the idea:

We added a daily check-in thread for you to promote your items and for a chance to be included in a team treasury.  I’ve also been submitting some items from the check-in to Wanelo.  Just check-in w/one of your items everyday!

Finally, there’s 6 more days to submit a “man cave” treasury for the contest!

Congratulations to Petrina ( for wining the Vacation! treasury contest.  Here’s the winning treasury: