Sunday, April 1, 2012

Team Newsletter #4

Treasury, treasury, treasury!  Let’s all make some treasuries.  I’ve been using this great tool to help me speed up the treasury making process:  Don’t forget to post/check our “Tools” thread for useful tools (  I would love to create more team based treasuries to increase all of our exposure.  Please add the tag: TG Team in your items so we can search for team items easily.  Post your shop to this thread after you added the tag (

A few weeks ago we created our Team Directory (!  Before you buy, please check to see if one of our team member is selling what you’re looking for.  Let’s support each other!  If you haven’t signed up for the directory, do so in this thread:

Just a reminder, to prevent confusion, please post information regarding third party giveaways or other third party info on our promotion thread.  Lastly, come and talk story on our weekly social threads!

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