Friday, April 20, 2012

Petrina Blakely - Kauai Hand Painted Clothes

I'm happy to introduce another member from the Aloha State!  Petrina Blakely - aka Petrina - Kauai Hand Painted Clothes.  Here's her introduction of her creative shop:

"I opened this Etsy shop in January of this year after hearing several other local crafters talking about how well it worked for them.  I had an Etsy shop a few years ago but did not know how to make it work for me.  It seems as though there is a lot more information and support this time around so I am excited to try this again, I still have a lot to learn!  As a crafter and avid shopper I love the variety I can find on Etsy - it's like one huge craft fair.  My craft is hand painted clothes for children and for women.  I started doing this over 25 years ago when my boys were young and continue now creating for my first grand son - RJ who is 2 months old.  I especially love painting my children's line - the designs make me feel happy as do the smiles on people's faces when they first see them at the local craft fairs.  My current favorite designs are the Kauai Mermaid, the Kauai Chick, and Puff the Magic Dragon."

Kauai Mermaid      

Kauai Chick
Puff the Magic Dragon

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Team Newsletter #5

Creating treasuries is another way for us to network with other Etsy sellers and increase our own shop exposure.  A new thread for a themed treasury thread will be posted each week.  The first theme is BEACH.

Jacque and I each created a treasury on this theme.

Hello Beach.

Gonna be a Beach Bum!

Hope to see more beach themed treasuries this week!

Don’t forget to post all your other treasuries in the Share Your Treasuries thread:

Please support each other’s treasuries by leaving comments in it :-)

Lastly, stop by to play one of my favorite Etsy games - Favorite Item from the Shop Above.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jeni - Grimmlynn

Below is an introduction from Jeni, a member of our team who has a big heart and an Etsy store with a little bit of everything in it.

"My name is Jeni and I live at home with my husband, three cats, and uromastyx. We have opened our home and our hearts to the world of fostering and it won't be long until our spare bedroom will belong to a special needs child. I am really looking forward to that experience.

I have a little corner on Etsy where I offer everything: vintage, supplies, and even handmade envelopes. My life is very busy most of the time, so that is why most of the work on my store happens between midnight and 3 a.m. That also helps explain why I am addicted to caffeine.

I love my shop and all the items in it. Sometimes it seems I wind up keeping more than I list for sale. I just can't help it. I have an attraction to vintage items and they seem to do a good job of finding me, too.

When I am not out looking for lovely items, you can usually find me at home, spending time with my animals. Other times you can find me in the kitchen, baking up cookies or cupcakes, two things I love almost as much as vintage items.

Here are some of my favorite listings, so you can see a sample of everything I offer in my shop:"

Metal Flowers Vintage Wall Art Mod Design - Nail Art  

Yellow Orange Vintage Buttons
Handmade Envelopes

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Team Newsletter #4

Treasury, treasury, treasury!  Let’s all make some treasuries.  I’ve been using this great tool to help me speed up the treasury making process:  Don’t forget to post/check our “Tools” thread for useful tools (  I would love to create more team based treasuries to increase all of our exposure.  Please add the tag: TG Team in your items so we can search for team items easily.  Post your shop to this thread after you added the tag (

A few weeks ago we created our Team Directory (!  Before you buy, please check to see if one of our team member is selling what you’re looking for.  Let’s support each other!  If you haven’t signed up for the directory, do so in this thread:

Just a reminder, to prevent confusion, please post information regarding third party giveaways or other third party info on our promotion thread.  Lastly, come and talk story on our weekly social threads!