Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nicole - SayItWithPaper

Here's another member introduction!  Nicole is an active member of our team and she's our "pin-master".  Check out the team board she created for us!

"Hey everyone!  My name is Nicole, I'm 29 and am originally from Sydney, Australia.  I currently live with my Texan husband in South Carolina, but are moving back home in April. SO excited! I'm the owner of the SayItWithPaper Etsy store.

I'd been interested in opening an Etsy store since about late 2006.  I umm and ahhed a bunch about what I would sell, what I thought I was good at, whether it was worth it.  And then for a little while, I think I gave up on the idea.  Christmas 2009, we hadn't had any income for about a year, but I still wanted to send something home to my family as presents. I ended up coming up with some Christmas banners and was shocked by how well received they were. My brother, voiced that he and his family hadn't really been in the Christmas spirit that year, but when my banner arrived a couple weeks before the 25th, his family got excited about it and about decorating the rest of the house. That made me feel wonderful, to know that something I made with my own two hands got such joyful reactions.

It wasn't until early 2011 that I made the connection that I could possibly help other people's
events be just a little bit more joyful as well.

I spent much of 2011 trying to make stock, whilst simultaneously second-guessing myself.
I saw that there were a lot of people selling banners on Etsy and thought that nobody would
care about mine. But then I realized that most of those shops used shape punches and stamps
to make theirs, and me doing everything by hand - as well as my slightly askew point of view -
just might set me apart.

I just started joining teams, and this is definitely my favorite so far. I'm not sure if it's because
we're only a small team right now, or because we have two great leaders, or a combination of
both; but I definitely feel way more supported here. And hope to return that support to my fellow
team members. It may be cheesy, but I want to see us all succeed and be able to continue to
do the things we love."

Here are some of Nicole's banners:

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  1. Great feature and wonderful products Nicole. Congratulations and I love your beautiful shop!