Sunday, February 26, 2012

Team Newsletter #1

This is our first "Team Newsletter". Team members, Please email me to give me your email address to receive our newsletter. It will be a weekly newsletter (sometimes less often). Your email will be safe. I won’t use it for SPAM or give out our email address to others and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Besides organizing treasury giveaways, we’re also dedicated to promoting our products within the team and as a team. We started a team blog: The team blog is to announce treasury giveaways and to introduce our shop owners to the public.  To be featured in our team blog, email me an introduction of you/your shop. Include links to a few items you like in your shop. Pictures are better than words! Here are some ideas to write about:
 - How did you get started on Etsy?
 - What kind of products do you sell?
 - What are your favorites in your store?

Also, Nicole Phillips from SayitWithPaper ( volunteered to review team member’s shop and pin some of our items to our Pin board ( Since not everyone likes to be featured on pinterest, Nicole will only pin your items if you give her permission to do so in our thread (

Every business owner should have his/her business cards with them at all times. You will never know when the opportunity comes up to give a potential customer your card! and Etsy are offering 50 FREE business cards ( Just pay shipping. I just ordered mines last week, shipping was $5.50 by USPS. I didn’t get my order yet but I read from a lot of other team discussions that is very good quality.

Jacque, our team leader and I put together a starter kit for Etsy Sellers. It includes great files to organize your business and a Swarovski Sandisk USB drive to save your files and pictures on.

We would like to invite more members to join our team!  That way we'll expand our knowledge base and exposure.  Invite your friends to join us!

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