Monday, February 20, 2012

Sarah Allyce - Tied In a Knot Bowtique

Sarah is the proud owner of Tied In a Know Bowtique on Etsy.  She creates hair accessories for girls of all ages.  Read her story below...

"Hello everyone Im Sarah and 23 years old :) I have a beautiful soon to be 3 year old daughter named Emily who actually is the main reason i started my little ol' shop.

I've always loved bows and I've bought them at Hottopic and the internet more times than i can count. But it was always so hard for me to find ones that i really liked and was looking for.  Same for Emily. I'm not a super glittery nor girly person so i wanted bows that were cute but still had a little edge and quirk to them ;) bows that could be for toddlers, teens, and women and still look great!

I slowly began to promote my items and everyone seemed to love them! Which brings us to today :) I started my shop in October so I'm still rather new to Etsy but i absolutely love this site and am hoping that my dream of more than one sale ( possibly more ? haha) a week comes true soon!

I'm adding new items every week and have lots of sales going on, so be sure to stop by! I'm sure I'll have something for you :D

Here are my favorite and newest items :) Check my shop for more! Custom orders are always
welcome :3"

Kawaii Umbrella Bow Tie Hair Bow

Green Plaid Zombie Hello Kitty Bow Tie
Pink/Black Polka Dot Hair Bow
Classic Red/Black Plaid Bow Tie Hair Bow

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  1. Love your bows Sarah! Especially the black & red plaid!