Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vacation Treasury Theme Winner - Petrina Blakely

Here's our treasury theme contest winner for the vacation theme!  Petrina Blakely from Kauai Hand Painted Clothes
Please show this wining treasury some love by leaving comments and favoring it! 

We asked Petrina to share her thoughts on treasuries.  Here it is...

I am a 30 year resident of Kaua'i - immigrated across the moat from California. I come from a family of hobby artists - my grandmother painted scenic art in Tahiti where she lived and my father dabbled in water colors. I have been creating wearable art for 20 years inspired both by my love of whimsical, tropical art and clothes.

Treasury inspiration comes to me in different ways - once was my husband asking me how to spell plumeria, others have come from looking at different treasuries and thinking of word play such as the one I did on pitchers. I am working on one right now from cleaning up my yard yesterday that will revolve around palms... Inspiration comes from life, much of it from living in paradise!

I have come to look at treasury making as my guilty pleasure. I love to shop, vicariously or otherwise and can find so many wonderful items on Etsy alone. I also delight in putting together colors and objects. I aim to find and create levity wherever I can to lighten up my daily life and figure if it puts a smile on my face it will hopefully do the same for someone else.

Creating treasuries has helped me discover stores that I would never have looked for otherwise. In doing so I've made some wonderful virtual friends and connections. It is so awesome to have Etsy available as a 24/7 craft fair store with items from around the world. I think it is an amazing resource. It has become a favorite place for me to shop as well as to market my clothing - I still have a lot to learn and do not consider my shop to be a success yet but I truly believe in Etsy as a fantastic mode of marketing.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Team Newsletter #6

Team Newsletter #6

We’re organizing a summer treasury giveaway!  Here’s the thread to sign up:

We’re also thinking of trading mini moos/business cards to create a “treasury pack” of advertising to mail out w/orders.  Here’s the idea:

We added a daily check-in thread for you to promote your items and for a chance to be included in a team treasury.  I’ve also been submitting some items from the check-in to Wanelo.  Just check-in w/one of your items everyday!

Finally, there’s 6 more days to submit a “man cave” treasury for the contest!

Congratulations to Petrina ( for wining the Vacation! treasury contest.  Here’s the winning treasury:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Greeting Card Giveaway!

Enter to win a free Greeting Card from LuckyStarsHawaii (  Use coupon code LUCKYSTARSHAWAII to get a 10% off discount off the entire store.  Visit the store to see more greeting cards, earrings, bracelets and Swarovski USB drives.

How to Enter the Greeting Card Giveaway:
*Comment on this post and vote on your favorite card.  Look for the poll on the top of the screen.
*Get a bonus entry by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, your own Blog or G+.  Please post a comment to let me know you shared this post.

Winner will be announced on the 20th.  Here are the greeting cards to vote on:

#1 Mickey's Fun Wheel during the World of Color

#2 Kilauea Lighthouse on Kauai, Hawaii
#3 Bright Yellow Rose at Balboa Park, California

Treasury Theme Winner - Bevin Holcroft

We're excited to introduce our first treasury theme contest winner!  Bevin Holcroft, owner of  CrampCakes is the curator of the winning Mother's Day theme treasury.  Here's her Gifts She Will Never Forget treasury.  The following is Bevin's story.

-Brief intro about yourself

Hello, I am Bevin Holcroft. I am A former business executive turned stay at home mom. I have three wonderful children ranging from 3 to 11. Although 3 kids, 2 dogs, a ninja cat, and a husband keep me pretty busy, when I have a moment to spare I love designing and creating, I have been drawing constantly and coming up with ideas since I was a kid, starting with finger painting my bed at 2.

-What is the motivation behind your shop?

Since I stopped working 3 years ago, I knew I wanted to do something creative, just wasn't sure what. Once I came up with the idea for CrampCakes I knew I wanted to be able to share them with others. I get horrible sinus pain and migraines and the only thing that ever helped was the natural heating pad I had, but after years of use and abuse it was looking a bit haggered, and it wasn't so cute to begin with. So I started researching and testing different natural fillers and aromatherapy... and If I was going to make something it needed to be cute, and heck whats cuter than a cupcake.

-What is your favorite item to create and why?

The item I feel most strongly about is my CrampCakes, they are the most soothing thing ever, and I could not live with out mine. However my favorite item to create that is in my shop is my vintage button earrings, I love hunting down and searching for antique buttons, and turning them into cute dainty earrings.

Shop Link:

Friday, May 4, 2012

Treasury Theme for 5/1 to 5/15 - Teachers

Did you know May 8 is National Teacher's Day in the US?  Make a treasury that will make our teachers proud!  Post your teachers themed treasury in this thread:

The winner curator will receive a blog feature on the team blog plus free promo via Facebook, Twitter, Wanelo, and Pinterest!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Petrina Blakely - Kauai Hand Painted Clothes

I'm happy to introduce another member from the Aloha State!  Petrina Blakely - aka Petrina - Kauai Hand Painted Clothes.  Here's her introduction of her creative shop:

"I opened this Etsy shop in January of this year after hearing several other local crafters talking about how well it worked for them.  I had an Etsy shop a few years ago but did not know how to make it work for me.  It seems as though there is a lot more information and support this time around so I am excited to try this again, I still have a lot to learn!  As a crafter and avid shopper I love the variety I can find on Etsy - it's like one huge craft fair.  My craft is hand painted clothes for children and for women.  I started doing this over 25 years ago when my boys were young and continue now creating for my first grand son - RJ who is 2 months old.  I especially love painting my children's line - the designs make me feel happy as do the smiles on people's faces when they first see them at the local craft fairs.  My current favorite designs are the Kauai Mermaid, the Kauai Chick, and Puff the Magic Dragon."

Kauai Mermaid      

Kauai Chick
Puff the Magic Dragon

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Team Newsletter #5

Creating treasuries is another way for us to network with other Etsy sellers and increase our own shop exposure.  A new thread for a themed treasury thread will be posted each week.  The first theme is BEACH.

Jacque and I each created a treasury on this theme.

Hello Beach.

Gonna be a Beach Bum!

Hope to see more beach themed treasuries this week!

Don’t forget to post all your other treasuries in the Share Your Treasuries thread:

Please support each other’s treasuries by leaving comments in it :-)

Lastly, stop by to play one of my favorite Etsy games - Favorite Item from the Shop Above.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jeni - Grimmlynn

Below is an introduction from Jeni, a member of our team who has a big heart and an Etsy store with a little bit of everything in it.

"My name is Jeni and I live at home with my husband, three cats, and uromastyx. We have opened our home and our hearts to the world of fostering and it won't be long until our spare bedroom will belong to a special needs child. I am really looking forward to that experience.

I have a little corner on Etsy where I offer everything: vintage, supplies, and even handmade envelopes. My life is very busy most of the time, so that is why most of the work on my store happens between midnight and 3 a.m. That also helps explain why I am addicted to caffeine.

I love my shop and all the items in it. Sometimes it seems I wind up keeping more than I list for sale. I just can't help it. I have an attraction to vintage items and they seem to do a good job of finding me, too.

When I am not out looking for lovely items, you can usually find me at home, spending time with my animals. Other times you can find me in the kitchen, baking up cookies or cupcakes, two things I love almost as much as vintage items.

Here are some of my favorite listings, so you can see a sample of everything I offer in my shop:"

Metal Flowers Vintage Wall Art Mod Design - Nail Art  

Yellow Orange Vintage Buttons
Handmade Envelopes

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Team Newsletter #4

Treasury, treasury, treasury!  Let’s all make some treasuries.  I’ve been using this great tool to help me speed up the treasury making process:  Don’t forget to post/check our “Tools” thread for useful tools (  I would love to create more team based treasuries to increase all of our exposure.  Please add the tag: TG Team in your items so we can search for team items easily.  Post your shop to this thread after you added the tag (

A few weeks ago we created our Team Directory (!  Before you buy, please check to see if one of our team member is selling what you’re looking for.  Let’s support each other!  If you haven’t signed up for the directory, do so in this thread:

Just a reminder, to prevent confusion, please post information regarding third party giveaways or other third party info on our promotion thread.  Lastly, come and talk story on our weekly social threads!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Handmade Cute

Here's an introduction of Handmade Cute - one of the cutie-iest store of our team!  Don't forget to check out her blog:

-How did you get started on Etsy?

I started my first Etsy shop in 2007 after a friend introduced me to this site. I needed an outlet for my crafty creations and I thought selling online would be something I could do at my leisure while enjoying the process. I took a break in 2009 and in March of 2010, I reopened as Handmade Cute

-What kind of products do you sell?

I focus my work on beadwoven charms, ornaments, earrings and bookmarks. I like "cute" and "colorful" but if I can create a pattern out of the image floating in my head, I will try to bead it. 

-What are your favorites in your store?

My favorites are the animal charms such as those shown in the photos.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

(Please convo me your email address so I can email you this newsletter (at most, once a week).

The big announcement this week is our Team Directory (! Before you buy, please check to see if one of our team member is selling what you’re looking for. Let’s support each other! Also, please check to see your links are working and everything is correct. If not, please let me know. If you haven’t signed up for the directory, do so in this thread:

Now that our directory is up, what else do we want on our website? I’ll post our treasury giveaways there as well. Anyone else have/seen a team website? Let me know if you have ideas.

Our March Treasury Giveaway ( is coming to an end on 3/15. Also our St. Patrick’s Day Treasury Giveaway ( will end on 3/17. Now is the time for us to do some last minute promoting!

Jacque is organizing our Spring Treasury Giveaway. It will run from 3/20 - 4/8 (Easter). For those who participate, please make sure the participating item is not due to expire during the treasury. We have had issues with items disappearing from other treasuries. To join the giveaway, post in this thread:

One last thing... remember to promote our team! We would love to expand our active membership.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Team Newsletter #2

This week we featured Nicole in our team blog: We’re still looking forward to introducing more members! To be featured in our team blog, email me an introduction of you/your shop. Include links to a few items you like in your shop. Pictures are better than words! Here are some ideas to write about:

-How did you get started on Etsy?
-What kind of products do you sell?
-What are your favorites in your store?

We’re in the process of creating a team directory for the team. With the directory, hopefully members would look there first if something needs to be purchased and support each other’s business! Also we can advertise the list to our customers to increase each other’s business. If you want to be in our directory, please provide:

- your shop's name

- your first name (want to be personable, but you can skip it if you want)
- a category that fits your items
- link to your Etsy shop
- link FB fan page (if you have one)

The directory will be posted in our blog and/or a webpage for our team (probably on If you have suggestions on where to host the directory, let me know.

Yesterday, I started a social thread. I intend to start a social thread everyweek for us to just chat. When you’re ready to take a break from all these business related discussions, come over and just talk about anything! Here’s the thread for the rest of the weekend

I posted a special offer in our advertising thread. I’m offering a special rate for the Treasury Giveaway Team members for my custom Youtube video: $15 ($10 off regular price). Just convo/email me and I'll make a custom order w/that price!

Custom video to use on YouTube

Finally, here’s an inspiration w/tips to read about!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nicole - SayItWithPaper

Here's another member introduction!  Nicole is an active member of our team and she's our "pin-master".  Check out the team board she created for us!

"Hey everyone!  My name is Nicole, I'm 29 and am originally from Sydney, Australia.  I currently live with my Texan husband in South Carolina, but are moving back home in April. SO excited! I'm the owner of the SayItWithPaper Etsy store.

I'd been interested in opening an Etsy store since about late 2006.  I umm and ahhed a bunch about what I would sell, what I thought I was good at, whether it was worth it.  And then for a little while, I think I gave up on the idea.  Christmas 2009, we hadn't had any income for about a year, but I still wanted to send something home to my family as presents. I ended up coming up with some Christmas banners and was shocked by how well received they were. My brother, voiced that he and his family hadn't really been in the Christmas spirit that year, but when my banner arrived a couple weeks before the 25th, his family got excited about it and about decorating the rest of the house. That made me feel wonderful, to know that something I made with my own two hands got such joyful reactions.

It wasn't until early 2011 that I made the connection that I could possibly help other people's
events be just a little bit more joyful as well.

I spent much of 2011 trying to make stock, whilst simultaneously second-guessing myself.
I saw that there were a lot of people selling banners on Etsy and thought that nobody would
care about mine. But then I realized that most of those shops used shape punches and stamps
to make theirs, and me doing everything by hand - as well as my slightly askew point of view -
just might set me apart.

I just started joining teams, and this is definitely my favorite so far. I'm not sure if it's because
we're only a small team right now, or because we have two great leaders, or a combination of
both; but I definitely feel way more supported here. And hope to return that support to my fellow
team members. It may be cheesy, but I want to see us all succeed and be able to continue to
do the things we love."

Here are some of Nicole's banners:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Team Newsletter #1

This is our first "Team Newsletter". Team members, Please email me to give me your email address to receive our newsletter. It will be a weekly newsletter (sometimes less often). Your email will be safe. I won’t use it for SPAM or give out our email address to others and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Besides organizing treasury giveaways, we’re also dedicated to promoting our products within the team and as a team. We started a team blog: The team blog is to announce treasury giveaways and to introduce our shop owners to the public.  To be featured in our team blog, email me an introduction of you/your shop. Include links to a few items you like in your shop. Pictures are better than words! Here are some ideas to write about:
 - How did you get started on Etsy?
 - What kind of products do you sell?
 - What are your favorites in your store?

Also, Nicole Phillips from SayitWithPaper ( volunteered to review team member’s shop and pin some of our items to our Pin board ( Since not everyone likes to be featured on pinterest, Nicole will only pin your items if you give her permission to do so in our thread (

Every business owner should have his/her business cards with them at all times. You will never know when the opportunity comes up to give a potential customer your card! and Etsy are offering 50 FREE business cards ( Just pay shipping. I just ordered mines last week, shipping was $5.50 by USPS. I didn’t get my order yet but I read from a lot of other team discussions that is very good quality.

Jacque, our team leader and I put together a starter kit for Etsy Sellers. It includes great files to organize your business and a Swarovski Sandisk USB drive to save your files and pictures on.

We would like to invite more members to join our team!  That way we'll expand our knowledge base and exposure.  Invite your friends to join us!

Friday, February 24, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Treasury Giveaway - Comment to Enter! (16 winners)

Comment in the treasury to enter!

Jacque - Tidymight/Facebodyfeet

Today we are introducing a leader of our treasury giveaway team!  She's the creative mind behind her 2 Etsy shops - tidymighty and facebodyfeet .  Read her story below...

"Hi everyone! I'm Jacque, a leader of the Treasury Giveaway Team with Regina! I'm so excited to be a part of this team and help Etsy artists promote and expose their products to the Etsy community and beyond!

My shop is tidymighty. I make organizational printables. I started making them for myself to use for my personal life and to stay organized with my bath & body business. I realized that I had so many of them and couldn't be the only person who would find them useful. So I opened a 2nd shop on Etsy, apart from my bath & body shop (! Since starting last month, my printables have been received well and I'm happy that they are helping others get organized as well!

Can't wait to see this team grow!"

Jacque and Regina teamed up to provide a "starter kit" for every Etsy business!  Must haves, packaged in a discounted bundle.

Etsy Seller Business Organizer (4 Documents / Swarovski Flowers USB Flash Drive) - Printable PDF

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sarah Allyce - Tied In a Knot Bowtique

Sarah is the proud owner of Tied In a Know Bowtique on Etsy.  She creates hair accessories for girls of all ages.  Read her story below...

"Hello everyone Im Sarah and 23 years old :) I have a beautiful soon to be 3 year old daughter named Emily who actually is the main reason i started my little ol' shop.

I've always loved bows and I've bought them at Hottopic and the internet more times than i can count. But it was always so hard for me to find ones that i really liked and was looking for.  Same for Emily. I'm not a super glittery nor girly person so i wanted bows that were cute but still had a little edge and quirk to them ;) bows that could be for toddlers, teens, and women and still look great!

I slowly began to promote my items and everyone seemed to love them! Which brings us to today :) I started my shop in October so I'm still rather new to Etsy but i absolutely love this site and am hoping that my dream of more than one sale ( possibly more ? haha) a week comes true soon!

I'm adding new items every week and have lots of sales going on, so be sure to stop by! I'm sure I'll have something for you :D

Here are my favorite and newest items :) Check my shop for more! Custom orders are always
welcome :3"

Kawaii Umbrella Bow Tie Hair Bow

Green Plaid Zombie Hello Kitty Bow Tie
Pink/Black Polka Dot Hair Bow
Classic Red/Black Plaid Bow Tie Hair Bow

St. Patrick's Day Treasury Giveaway!

Visit our treasury to enter the giveaway!

Below are the first 4 items in the treasury.

The Right Jack


Alyssa Critters


Welcome to The Treasury Giveaway Team blog!  I'm Regina, owner of LuckyStarsHawaii.  Please visit my Etsy store:

I'm from the Aloha State, Hawaii.  Where the weather is great, ocean is blue and people are nice.  For those of you who visited Hawaii, you probably noticed that we like to dress casually and wear our slippers (flip-flops) all day.  I like to use Swarovski crystals in my jewelry.  A little shine, nothing over the top that's perfect for everyday use - even in the casual State of Hawaii!

I'm the captain of an Etsy team - The Treasury Giveaway Team.  The team is dedicated to organizing FREE treasury giveaways!  To enter our St. Patrick's Day Treasury Giveaway, just post a comment in the treasury page:

Keep visiting this blog for more new treasury news!  We'll also introduce you to the other members of our team throughout this blog.